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    to form the "Beirut explosion" emergency medical team. The emergency team will bring medicines, consumables, protective equi6

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    pment and other materials to Beirut. At this stage, team staffs, vehicles, and materials are ready. China's 18th 7

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    batch of medical units for peacekeeping missions to Lebanon is composed of 30 officers and soldiers. It is currentlyw

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mes by the devastating explosions. Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a message of condolence to his Lebanese counterpart Michel Aoun following the blasts. In his message, Xi said he was shocked to learn about the huge explosionsL

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    in Beirut, whose effects were felt many kilometers away from the port. On behalf of the Chinese government and people and in his own name, Xi extended profound condolences to the victims, conveyed heartfeltX

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    sympathies to the bereaved families and the injured, and wished the injured a quick recovery. The cause of the blast is being investigated. But Lebanon's prime minister, Hassan Diab, said the cause of the explosion wai

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    s 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse for six years. President Michel Aoun tweeted it was "unacceptable" the explosives had been stored unsafely. Aoun declared three days of mourning and c7

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    alled for a two-week state of emergency.coordinator of China-ASEAN relations, and is ready to work with Myanmar to elevate the China-ASEAN relations, build a China-ASEAN partnership on blue economy, and strive to put i9

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